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    Yarner Trust

    3 members

    Yarner Trust events/info

    Created at 16:31 on 26/05/12


    Bude Feminist Network

    1 member

    Bude Feminist Network strongly believes in raising awareness of feminism and gender issues within the community and acting on the issues that matter and see this as a great place to share information/ideas/links.

    Created at 18:15 on 03/05/12


    Bude Jive Club

    3 members

    Bude Jive Club events/news/info

    Created at 11:10 on 02/05/12


    Jubilee 2012

    3 members

    Jubilee events

    Created at 22:59 on 01/05/12



    1 member

    Higher Wharf Action Group activities

    Created at 14:51 on 27/04/12


    Bude Surf Life Saving

    7 members

    Bude Surf Life Saving club events

    Created at 18:47 on 15/04/12



    5 members

    Recycling.........and re-using, saving the environment.

    Created at 18:48 on 11/04/12



    1 member

    Surveys created by Local People sites, results, etc

    Created at 08:32 on 04/04/12


    Dan Rogerson

    1 member

    Questions posed by Dan Rogerson on behalf of the people of his constituency.....

    Created at 09:22 on 28/03/12


    Economic Climate

    3 members

    Recession, upturn, unemployment,..........all here!

    Created at 09:53 on 14/03/12

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    Petrol Price Watch

    Keeping an eye on petrol prices in and around Bude

    12 members

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    For all pertaining to art and artists

    24 members

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    Recipe Exchange

    On the Newquaypeople site, they have a Recipe of the Week section. Can we do something similar for Bude with a recipe exchange? I think we can......

    11 members

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    Water Sports

    Surfing, kayaking, and other water sports for which Bude is renowned

    13 members

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    Community matters and where to get help, support, advice or confidential counselling

    21 members

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